Seven Konsult^

Luxury Realty & Art Insurance Advisory

Who We Are.

Seven Konsult® is a Realty and Art Insurance Advisory with a global network of premier local brands representing Real Estate, Art and Collectibles Insurance. We understand the discern, well-traveled, high-income individual who has a taste for the finer things in life. We cater to that hard-to-reach yet very coveted luxury consumer. 

Seven Konsult® is renowned for its exceptional client-focused service and we take great pride in sharing that 80% of our business comes through referrals. We continue to grow our global network by providing Luxury Properties & Services in India, Middle East and parts of Far East. At Seven Konsult® we understand the sensibilities of our discerning clientele—because we, too, have the highest standards.

We have a network of global affiliates representing us. Seven Konsult® is based out of India and UAE and is backed by the experience of the well respected and well known experts in the industry worldwide. 

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With Seven Konsult® You can have it all!